willkommen auf meiner Hompage. Derzeit befindet sich meine Seite wieder neu im Aufbau. Schaut also öffter mal rein, um auf dem Laufenden zu sein ;)

Zu Beginn erst einmal mein Lieblingsgedicht:

Before I Went To Bed Tonight…


Before I went to bed tonight

I just had to let you know,

that my love for you is strong

and will always continue to grow.


Before I went to bed tonight

i thought that you should hear,

that every moment we spend together

I hold so very dear.


Before I went to bed tonight

I had you on my mind.

I thought of things you’ve done for me,

things from a heart so kind


I hope this letter makes you happy,

If only for a while,

but I’d gladly write a million:

Just to see you smile.


I know this sounds crazy,

just like I lost my head.

But I had to let you know,

before I went to bed

“You never know what might happen tomorrow. You never know if tomorrow will even come, so be sure to send this to everyone special in your life, because tomorrow might be too LATE!!!”